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The System Development Life Cycle Of Web Development

By Don Demrow


The design / development "process" that is in place at many organizations is no process at all, which results in multiple costly revisions, and a tendency toward non-adherence to any established standards or conventions, if in fact, such standards and conventions even exist.


To adopt a process of iterative "pigtail" progression to accomplish expedient, efficient design and development on future projects. This refers to a cyclical revision process contained inside a linear progression, illustrated as a curly line, or "pigtail."

This process will facilitate transparent communication to establish effective interaction and dialogue between all parties involved in the conception, design, development, approval, testing, implementation, and revision process of websites and applications.


Establishing a systematic approach for design and development of new websites and online applications will save time and money. Applying a System Development Life Cycle model is the most efficient way to do this.

If roles, standards, objectives, and expectations are clearly defined through the process, from beginning to end, there can be little confusion as to who was supposed to accomplish a given task.

We must define the following questions prior to any design or development:

Who - Who will design, develop, approve, test, launch, review / revise.

What - Scope. What exactly do we need to accomplish? What is the ROI?

Where - Will this be an internal tool, or a public-facing B-to-B application or site?

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When - Reasonable deadlines.

Why - Why build it? Will this site or application save time / money? Generate leads?

How - Implementation and presentation - What is appropriate? Will we do this with Server-side code? Static HTML? Flash? How will it look? ASG Corporate? Modern? Business-like?

Definition of Roles

The "Who" part of the process would be designated by the managers, or leaders of the design and web teams. (Example: "Matthew will design the flash introduction, Mark will design the page layout, and Luke will cut graphics, and code the application.")

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About the Author:
Don Demrow specializes in web design and development of database driven websites, applications, content management systems, corporate intranet applications, as well as search engine strategy for corporate, small business, church, and non-profit organizations.


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